Dentist Resume Format

By | April 12, 2012

Human beings use their teeth while they eat food. This means that teeth are important in chewing and breaking down whole morsels of food. Teeth need to be taken good care. Some of the common teeth problems like tartars, plaque or cavities need to be taken care of by a qualified dentist. A sample dentist resume format would help someone, who wants to be a qualified dentist. Dentists have to perform a number of treatments for common teeth problems. Also, a dentist advises people suffering from mild troubles on the right means to solve them. So, here is a sample of the same format.

Dentist Resume Format:

Danny Boyle

South Station, Worcester,

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Phone Number: 019 267 766

Email ID:


To work as a qualified dentist at a dentistry clinic or hospital, diagnose common teeth problems and solve them with skill and ability for the welfare of people.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled in diagnosis of different teeth problems and ailments
  • Skilled and well-versed with the use of surgical treatments for teeth problems and illnesses
  • Skilled in prescribing medicines and remedial measures for teeth problems in people
  • Interacting with customers and attending to their particular problems and troubles.

Career Experiences:

2007 To Present: Associate Dentist at the Office of Dr. Jay Cocks, Boston, Massachusetts with the following responsibilities:

  • assisting the dentist in complex surgical procedures to solve major teeth problems in people
  • handling the office work of the dentist including arranging appointments and visits of patients
  • prescribing medical remedies to dental problems


2005 To 2007: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Boston University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.