Different Types of Skills for a Resume

By | October 3, 2012

Resume is a document which is like an entry pass for the interview. So you have to prepare your resume carefully. You should represent your skills and qualifications clearly. You can include different types of skills for a resume which can grab your reader’s attention. But you should not include any irrelevant skills.

Employers receive numerous resumes for a specific job. So they spend only few seconds on each resume. If there are any interesting skills in your resume, you can catch the employer’s attention. If you have varied skills, Include subheading and mention your skills. If you have skills in one particular type then try to separate those using bullets or commas.

Types of skills

There are different types of skills which should be included relevantly in your resume. Mentioning these skills may impress the reader and may shortlist you for further round.

Analytical skills

These skills determine your ability to solve a problem using logical solutions. This determines that you can handle any complicated situations. A person who is well versed in analytical skills can find the problems in the company and can come up with various ideas to solve them. This enables the company with smooth functioning.

Organization and planning skills

These skills are very important. It involves in planning a given task and complete it within the time. These skills also help in your personal growth.

Personal skills

Personal skills determine your strengths which would be beneficial to the company’s growth.


An employee should have self motivation. This helps in giving best to the work and motivates others.


A recruiter always searches for the employee who is adaptable to the changes and with multitasking skills.


This is an important skill. Punctuality develops a kind of respect and trust on the employee.


Employees should have innovative thinking and should come up with creative and new ideas.


If you know more than one language, mention them in the resume. This is also important skill which the recruiters are looking for.

Interpersonal skills

These skills help in interacting with the people around you and in developing friendly environment at work. It helps to work strongly as a team and also in encouraging your team members. These skills help in solving disputes. Leadership is a part of these skills. A person with good interpersonal skills will have well body language and listening skills.

Technical skills

For any kind of a job, technical skills are must. Based on the relevant technical skills, the recruiter will screen the candidates.