Dispatcher Resume Format

By | March 9, 2012

The sample of dispatcher resume format is provided here for the applicants who want to apply for the job of dispatcher. The dispatcher is a person who dispatches workers, messages, equipments and vehicle service. Many organisations and companies like trucking companies, taxicab provider companies, and train stations use dispatchers for transmitting information and required equipments. The dispatcher also includes emergency services providers like medical, police and fire. Here, a sample resume format for this kind of a job has been shown. This exact format can be used for applying for the job of a dispatcher by making necessary changes to the information which has been provided.

Dispatcher Resume Format

Isabelle Norrie

#8882, 61 Jacolite Street



Phone: 666-888-7621



Seeking the position of a dispatcher to provide my service for the betterment of the organisation

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Great Experience as dispatcher for about five years.
  • Good communication and organisational skills.
  • Ability to maintain and complete given task very efficiently.
  • Exceptional ability to handle multi-task even under pressure.
  • Work with strong determination and honesty.

Career Experiences:

2007-2010: work as a dispatcher in a DBDC services ltd. and carried out following tasks

  • Responsible for product and equipments delivery and pick up on time.
  • Carried out store deliveries in efficient cost.
  • Responsible for customer care activities.

2010- till date: work as dispatcher in Fortis hospital, Canberra with these responsibilities

  • Attend emergency calls.
  • Dispatch ambulances for emergency help.
  • Supervise trucks gone for buying medical supplies and equipment.


2004: high school graduate from YDS High School, Melbourne

Professional References would be furnished upon request.