By | March 23, 2009

An engineering resume should clearly outline all the technical skills. To do this, add a technical summary or expertise section to the resume.

Further more, it is appropriate to break the said section into subsections to provide a quick scrutiny of one’s knowledge or applications and programmes. Fortunately for the professionals in engineering, the resume in this field has a simplified format.

It is important to keep a sturdy focus on one’s goals in the engineering field, including all parts of one’s background to enhance them. A concise statement of these goals is perhaps the clearest indication to the prospective employer of the aptness of there being match to what one is offering and what the employer is looking for.

It is very appropriate to include any or all of the following, if applicable; technical or hardware certifications, programming or language skills, database and web application capabilities, operating systems certificates, protocols and networking skills, and degrees that have been achieved.

Concise course contents in the resume are highly encouraged as the short details will show the exact technical ability that you possess. These should be accompanied with more details like the institute(s) attended, duration and the results of each course. 

Give more emphasis on projects and researches that have been done. Also remember to highlight any soft skills to the objective or summary section.

Now, having highlighted the important details about your studies, what remains is illustrating how these elements favour the company’s or the college’s good. Use catch words that recruiters look for so as to gain the recruiter’s interest.

To make the document appealing remember to format the experiences and study programmes in a chronological order, starting from the most recent to the earlier experiences. Avoid typing errors and offer a professionally laid-out document.

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