Federal Resume Format

By | June 25, 2009

When making a federal resume, it is vital to take note that federal government applicants are ranked or hired according to work experience. This goes true to other jobs.

The level of education according to Federal Qualification Standards is also an important detail to note on your federal resume.

If you put all of these crucial matters on you resume, you will surely have a clear outline of your credentials therefore making your effort one-step further to being rewarded.

Sample Federal Resume Format

Gene Neral

123 Arsenal Drive, Baltimore

Maryland, USA

(410) 345-555



  • To be hired as a top ranking and high-colored military officer
  • To share leadership and problem solving skills to the United States Army


  • With years of thriving leadership and management experience with a character for facing the most challenging executive objectives and goals.
  • Can maximize and motivate employee drive and productivity without any financial spurs
  • Proficient in developing applying very successful short-term and long-term strategic approaches
  • Great personal relation skills
  • Greatly skilled technical individual, computer cultured, able to make the most of Management Information Systems to increase productivity.



United States Army, 2000 – 2006

  • Finished a 6-year profession with the U.S. Army.
  • Achieved upper-level manager rank.
  • Took part in the total renewal and revamp of the U.S. Army
  • Spearheaded the Squad and Maintenance Platoon.
  • Was the head logistical consultant to the Commander for 300 men, accountable for $10 million of equipment
  • Responsible for scheming the procurement of tough and superfluous items under a the supposed military budget
  • Responsible for the preparation and advancement of thousands of personnel along with the apt relocation of millions of dollars worth of equipment to maintain and support operations
  • An element of the executive team that ascertained that the military could be run like a well-tuned communal system


Bachelor of Science degree, business management 1999

  • Officers’ Advanced Management Level Course, Ft. Knox, Kentucky, advances problem solving analysis, 2000


References and Supporting Documentation delivered upon request

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