Film Actor Resume Format

By | February 22, 2010

A film actor needs to be able to interpret and portray a character whether a villain, hero or heroine.  You need to be a person able to take a difficult character and bring him to life.

Use this sample resume if you want to apply for jobs in the film industry to work as a TV actor, theater actor, comedian, etc.

Sample Film Actor Resume

Shalene Williams

765 Rubber Rd


Abbey City, London

Mobile No: +447902478965

Telephone No: 02088543297

Career Objective :

Having worked with several directors in several major films, I am confident that I can interpret and present any sort of character.  I can bring any hero or villain to life thus enabling the audience to understand or relate with them.

Professional Experience :

2000- 2001: Got the third leading role in “Forget’.

2003- 2004: Got the third leading role in the epic film ‘Lost at Niveda’.

2004- 2005: Got the leading role in the Hollywood film ‘Sceptre’

2006- 2007: Played the leading role in the film ‘Rolling in the Tide’

2007- 2008: Played the second leading role in the film ‘Punching bag’.

Responsibilities :

  • Got involved in the London film association workshop that promoted the improvement of better terms of all actors in the film genre.
  • Trained several interns about film industry

Objectives :

Becoming a better actor no matter the genre of film or the type of character being played whether good or bad.

Qualifications :

2002- 2006: Film school.

Achievements :

Won best actor 2005

Hobbies :

  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Surfing
  • Playing board games

Reference :

Can be provided upon request

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