Finance Resume

By | May 18, 2012

The field of finance involves working with figures, money and assets.  A finance resume can be used to apply for a job in the field of finance.  The resume can be used to apply for a job in the finance department of a company, in the stock market, in an asset management company or financial consultancy firm.  A person applying for a job in the finance field needs to be a person of integrity as they may be asked to handle sensitive matters to do with client’s financial assets.  The person needs to be honest and have qualifications which make them able to handle all duties and responsibilities of the job.

finance resume needs to highlight the person’s ability to work with all issues to do with finance as well as their personal traits which make them suitable for the job.  It is important to include referees who can vouch for the credibility and suitability of the person applying.  The full contact information of the referees should be included as well the person’s daytime contact information.  The resume should not be detailed enough without taking up more than three pages.  It is advisable to make short statements which give the maximum information.

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