Food Service Resume Format

By | February 20, 2009

Food Service Resume


As a food service professional, the important things to show when writing down your resume are your past accomplishments.

This may include your leadership skills in handling a kitchen, your abilities and accomplishments as a chef or manager and possibly a hard evidence of your love and care for food and the customers you are serving.

Writing a job objective will let your employer know what your goal is. See to it that this part of your resume is written clearly and straight to the point. It must show your persistence and determination to accomplish the job that will be assigned to you.

In the summary of qualifications, write down your main qualifications in an impressive manner. This is the section that should catch the interest of one’s eyes.

If you have a certain culinary expertise, French food for example, it would be wise to note that down, depending on its relevance to the job you are applying for.

In your work experience, write down what you have accomplished as a food service professional with your past employers. Also, do not forget to include any job-related training you had undergone.

Double check your resume before you finally print it. Check for some grammatical and typographical errors that could turn off your employer against you. It should be presentable enough to be worthy of consideration by your employer.

Food Service Resume Format and Example

Jerry K. Ludwig

4664 Moonlight Drive

Hopewell (mercer), NJ 08525

Phone: 609-667-9309


Objective :

Top Food Service Management Position – Food Service Manager – in a Major Corporation

Profile :

Highly motivated food service professional with experience in kitchen management. Excellent problem solver with great passion for food.

Core Competencies :

· Sound ability to analyze recipes to determine food, labor, and overhead costs and to assign prices to various dishes.

· Uncommon ability to estimate food needs, place orders with distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and    supplies.

· Immense ability to plan for routine services and deliveries.

· Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to motivate staff to higher achievement.

· Great Problem solving ability to analyze issues, create plans of action and reach solutions.

· Knowledge of pertinent codes, policies, regulations and laws; food safety and handling procedures.

· Mastery of the use of the Internet.

Professional Experience :

Assistant Food Service Manager , Tasty Hotels, Everett, Wa, 2003 – Present

  1. Direct food service workers and other personnel as assigned for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the work force and meeting shift requirements.
  2. Implement menu plans for the purpose of meeting customers’ requirements.
  3. Inventory food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of ensuring availability of items.
  4. Maintain food service equipment for the purpose of maintaining safe operating conditions.
  5. Respond to inquiries of customers, staff and the public for the purpose of providing information and direction regarding the type and cost of meals.
  6. Stock food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of maintaining adequate quantities and security of items.
  7. Train employees and evaluates job performance for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.

Education And Professional Qualification :

Certified Food Service Management Professional (FMP(2002)

BA degree in Restaurant Management, The College of New Jersey (2001).

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