Forensics Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

Forensics engineering is an exciting field that involves various situations that require individuals who are analytical and ready to investigate.

A forensics engineering resume should be written in a way that will develop the employer’s interest in the applicant’s abilities.

This sample forensics engineering resume sample can also be used to create resumes for support engineer jobs, field service engineer e.t.c.

Sample Forensics Engineering Resume

Cliff Brown

33 Down Street

Hollywood, California

Cell Number: 219415809

Mobile Number: 598638965

Career Objective:

To be an analytical forensics engineer who makes a significant contribution to the investigations undertaken in the area of civil cases

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Consulting Engineer- Fortune Consultants


Worked on a number of civil cases and carried out research on defective products

Investigated a number of criminal cases as a forensic engineer by applying a number of aspects of forensic science

2003-2004: Forensics Engineer- Fortune Consultants


Led a team of forensic engineers in the investigation of major criminal cases

Conducted a range of investigations with special emphasis on cases of arson

2005-2008: Forensics Engineer- James Partners


Specialized in the investigation of faulty and defective electrical appliances


Trained in forensic investigation and failure analysis

Trained in electrical failure analysis and analytical processes

Trained in criminology and temperature sensing


1993-1996: Bachelor of Forensic Engineering- University of New York

1997-1999: Master of Forensic Engineering- Institute of Advanced Criminal Studies


Actively contributed to the resolution of a civil case involving arson

Recognized by state officials for helping law enforcement agents in the pursuit of justice

Helped to identify culprits in a number of civil cases conducted over the years






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