Free Accounting Resume

By | July 1, 2010

This free accounting resume is used to show you how to build your own resume for the accounting profession. With this free accounting resume you will b able to see how to format your own resume. It can also be used to apply for administration jobs and other finance jobs.

Sample Free Accounting Resume

Daniel Williams
Dale Apartments
5th Street, Middleton
New Jersey 177245.
Home: (444) 999-6789

Career Objective:

To get a position as an accountant and to gain further experience in administration tasks related to the accounts field.

Professional Experience:

2005- Presently: Good Health Products Ltd.


  • For five years running, financial statements for state, federal, shareholders and the securities exchange commission were prepared on time by me.
  • I was in charge of substantially reducing significant audit adjustments through better financial controls.
  • Participated in the successful conversion to the G.T.E. system without any interruption of accounting operations.
  • Completed two years of delayed reporting for the pension plan and kept it and other employee benefit plans current on a timely basis for more than 500 employees.

2002- 2005: Davoid Systems – Accounting Assistant


  • Improved productivity by eliminating an average of three weeks field time during audits.
  • Designed and implemented a department performance evaluation system to replace a non-functioning one.
  • Trained ten university graduates in principles of accounting that became permanent staff.
  • Charted internal control systems for non-utility subsidiaries that pointed out system weaknesses and reduced loss risks.

Educational Qualifications

2002- 2005: Bachelor of Science Degree, Accounting at University of San Diego


Graduated with honors




Can be provided upon request

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