Good Resume Tips

By | March 23, 2009

A good resume has all your contacts to begin with. Some people are hesitant to place their phone numbers or e-mail address on their resumes.

You cannot afford to miss out on a job opportunity just because you fear that your personal details will be exposed to telemarketers.  Do not dare to stand on your own way.

Most employers are professionals so you should feel safe when giving them personally identifiable information.

If you are a fresh graduate, a good resume tip is to scan through as many of your colleagues’ resumes as possible. Fellow students who were one or two years your senior will have a lot of valuable advice.

You can visit the career office in your school to get some samples

Also get some knowledge from a professional. This might be a resume professional writer or a top-level manager in the career you want to pursue.

A person who has worked for more than ten years in a certain field knows what employers look for.

Another good resume tip is to use a two-pronged strategy if you have a gap in your work history.

If there is a time you were in between jobs it is advisable to use a functional type of resume. It focuses more on accomplishments and makes the gap less significant.

A two-pronged approach divides your personal details into two. One part of the detail features in your resume while the other is carefully brought out during the interview. This helps to explain the employment gap.

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