Healthcare Consultant Resume Format

By | April 12, 2012

The average aspiring healthcare consultant needs to get a quick look at the sample of a healthcare consultant resume format. This is because such a resume will help the candidate to get the job instantly. Healthcare consultant is a person who consults and advises the healthcare industry and centers in their activities. It is the healthcare consultant to assists and monitors the activities of doctors, physicians and other people. He also makes sure that the patients benefit from the services. It is a tough job but quite high-paying. So, here is a simple sample of a consultant resume format.

Healthcare consultant resume format

Glen McGrath

Lindsay Alley, New York,

New York, USA

Phone Number: 019 652 344

Email ID:


To work as a qualified healthcare consultant with a major clinic or hospital and provide assistance and guidance to the clinic or hospital in providing healthcare facilities to people

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Supervising and helping in major surgical procedures carried on Intensive Care units.
  • Discussing and assisting the supervisors and administrators in their duties and tasks.
  • Skilled in providing assistance and guidance in nursing and healthcare facilities and services.
  • Skilled in assisting in the management and supervision of the different healthcare departments and functions.

Career Experiences:

2008 To Present: Medical Management Advisor at Good Grove Hospital with the following responsibilities:

  • Helping in the duties of the supervision and management of the management functions at the hospital.
  • Integrating the communication networks and associations within the hospital between different departments within hospital.
  • Planning healthcare investments.


2006 To 2008: PhD from New York State University, USA.

Professional references would be furnished upon request.