Historic Site Administrator Resume Format

By | January 18, 2011

Not all historic and culturally significant artifacts can be housed inside a museum or historic gallery.  There are historic buildings and sites, even entire towns that have been identified as historically significant to deserve preservation government funding and management under a competent Historic Side Administrator.  Much like managing a museum, the Historic Site Administrator often works with civic associations, universities, NGOs and government commission to raise funds, launch commemorative events and oversee public tours to historic sites.

Historic Site Administrator Resume Format

Geraldine G. P. Prescott

Margaret St., Pensacola, Florida

Phone: (305) 113-5588



To be an Historic Site Administrator specializing in military artifacts and implements in a large metropolitan or state museum

Summary of Qualification

  • Almost a decade of experience as a Historic Site Administrator in managing historically significant surviving buildings and structures.
  • Excellent writing and organization skills

Career Experience/Job History


1994 – Present: Historic Site Administrator, Virginia Historic Commission

  • Oversee the restoration building projects of historic sites including homes of generals and presidents during the American War of Independence and the American Civil War.
  • Coordinate with reputable archeologists, anthropologists and history professors in evaluating the restoration projects.
  • Implement the required security measures to prevent vandalism and unauthorized entry.
  • Develop memorial program brochures and information materials about the historic sites in print on online.
  • Manage staff in daily maintenance of historic sites.
  • Oversee events of commemoration involving historic war sites


  • Completed the documentation and publication of the Site’s centennial history
  • Discovered new post war manuscripts heretobefore unreleased


1996 – 2005: Various in-house seminars curatorship

2003 – 2995: MBA, Boston University

1990 – 1994: Bachelor of Arts in American History, Virginia State University

Professional and Character References

Can be furnished upon request.



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