Horse Trainer Resume Format

By | October 31, 2011

Horse Trainer works as both instructor and stable manager. As an instructor they are responsible to prepare notes on how to evaluate horses for the different seasons. They design guidelines for in their objective evaluation of the animals’ historical background, performance, obedience, abilities and disabilities. They must be highly talented and possess a great background in training animal for riding, harness, obedience, security performance, assisting various persons like children, elderly and persons with disabilities, training and accustoming animals to respond to commands and train animals to approved regulations for show and competition. Horse Trainer also has the responsibility to understand stable management that includes breeding, behaviour and conditioning of the animal.

Horse Trainer Resume Format

Selena Mayson

Finsbury Park, LondonN4 5LN

Phone:  777-8888-9999


A professional horse trainer is looking for a position to use my education, strong experience and skills in training animals in the most effective way to suit their specific purpose.

Summary of Qualification

  • With extensive background and experience in horse training and stable management for over five years
  • Highly knowledgeable in monitoring and evaluation of the animal needs and condition per season
  • Deep experience with corresponding food, supplement, general care and exercise needs of the animal
  • With strong experience in training animal to obey commands and tricks for shows and competitions
  • Very dependable skills in detecting illness and unhealthy condition of animal

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Horse Trainer, London Stables

  • Conducted animal training program to develop intermediate to advance tricks
  • Developed and implemented supplemental and general care program for animal to achieve optimum conditioning
  • Cued and signalled animal during actual performance


2001 – 2005:  Bachelor of Science in Animal Nature and Studies, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.