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By | May 18, 2012

The mention of hospitality conjures ideas of the hotel industry. However, the hospitality industry also includes events, gaming, entertainment and recreation. A hospitality resume is mainly used by bar tenders, waiters, chefs, hotel managers, banquet managers the rest of the workers in the hospitality industry.

Applicants seeking jobs in the hospitality industry must include a career objective for choosing the job. Hospitality resumes include career objectives which when written should clearly indicate the type of job the individual is interested in and long term prospects for the future. This gives employers an insight to the person they are considering to hire.

In the hospitality industry, presentation is everything and applicant must never forget to include names of referees that they have worked for before. The details should include the area that the referees supervised as well as contact details

A hospitality resume should clearly include the applicants name and contact details. Past employment that is provided should be complete and should include all the jobs that the applicant has had. Unlike other professions where an applicant includes any experience or training, the hospitality resume does not have to have all these details especially if applying for a lower position.

Sample Hospitality Resume Sample

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