Housekeeper Resume Format

By | April 12, 2012

If you are living a hectic life in a big city, you need some domestic help to sort out and do all your regular household chores. The sample of a housekeeper resume format would be of great help to an aspiring domestic helper.

A housekeeper has to clean the house and keep it tidy and organized as well. Moreover, a housekeeper may also be entrusted with other tasks like washing clothes, hanging them or tending the electronic machines and furniture.

So, a housekeeper is much sought after in big cities and towns. So, here is a sample of a format of the resume.

Housekeeper Resume Format

Monty McDonald

12Th Lane, Uptown Street,

Miami, Florida, USA

Phone Number: 123 886 2001

Email ID:


To work as a skilled and reliable domestic housekeeper in a household or a hotel and provide reliable assistance in household chores associated with the profession.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled in a number of household chores like cleaning, washing, assembling furniture and keeping the household clean and tidy.
  • Skilled in providing the household assistance in special tasks and chores
  • Skilled and able in cooking, washing and other kitchen chores and tasks
  • Skilled in performing bathroom chores and duties as well

Career Experiences:

2009 To Present: Professional Housekeeper at Sunshine Resort with the following responsibilities:

  • Cleaning the rooms and suites in the resort and keeping them tidy
  • Washing and cleaning the rugs covers and bed sheets in the rooms and suites.
  • Washing and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens of the rooms and suites


2007 To 2009: Master’s Degree in Housekeeping, Florida University, USA.

Professional References would be furnished upon request.