How to Format Skills on a Resume

By | October 5, 2012

Resume is a document which is used to gain the employment. It is the first impression for any job interview. Listing your skills is very important which may offer you a job. Think of how to format skills on a resume and present them accordingly. In this case, functional resume format would be more helpful.

Skills format

Most of the recruiters focus on the top section of the resume. If that is impressive they read rest of the resume. Skills based resume may include skills and qualification summary, objectives, and educational background.

First look for the job openings. Note down the required qualifications in your chosen position. Based on this you should include your skills in your resume. Carefully think of these skills and qualifications which should support you and your past experiences. Also include the skills which you have acquired from volunteer experience.

Include summary

Give an outline of your resume. Mention about yourself and what would mold you as a good employee. Under that include your skill list relevant to the employment and also qualifications.

Skill section

In your resume create a section called as skills. This section would be so lengthy if you are having a lot of experience. If you have impressive skills without a strong experience, specify your skills earlier.

Highlight your skills

Using bullet points highlight your skills. Use a separate bullet for each skill. For each group of skills provide a heading. Under that, along with each skill describe your achievements. Give the details of your skills like, where you used and how. You highlight the qualifications and skills which the recruiters are seeking for. It would be much better to use specific keywords and grab the reader’s interest.

Distinct skills

If you are having different kind of skills in different categories, or if you want to use functional resume format, then few skill sections should be created. For best results, you should prepare a different resume for each employment you apply for. Different skill list should be highlighted in each resume.

Final draft

Review your final draft of resume carefully and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. If you have any doubts, you can get assistance from your family members or friends.

Be honest

Finally, be honest in whatever you include and avoid providing false statements in your resume.