How to Make a Resume

By | March 23, 2009

Competition for jobs is increasing steadily as more qualified graduates enter the job market. As a fresh graduate looking for a job for the first time, you may not have developed resume writing skills.

As an employee who has worked for several years and is back in the job market after a long absence, you may have lost your resume writing skills.

The good news is you can develop or regain these skills quite easily. Here are a few tips on how to make a resume.

 Begin by making notes on all previous experience you have had. It does not matter if it was voluntary, paid or unpaid work. The duration you spent working is also not important.

For those who may not have had a job before, you may list societies, clubs and other activities you were involved in while at school.

 Try to think of activities that can demonstrate your leadership skills. Include any information that shows you taking on responsibility and being successful at it e.g. a project at work or school.

 List your academic qualifications and achievements. You may now write a career objective of one or two lines highlighting your career goals and plans for the future.

When you are ready to start compiling your resume, you may choose the format that best suits you e.g. if you are a graduate with little or no work experience, your resume should highlight your academic achievements and skills. You should therefore use the skills format for your resume.

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