How to Write a Resume

By | March 19, 2009

To some of us, writing a resume may be a very difficult task. This is due to the fact that the way we write our resume could greatly affect our job application.

Moreover, with the unemployment rate increasing, every job opening is like rarest thing we would come across. Therefore, to increase your chance on getting the job offer, here are some tips you may follow in creating a well-written resume.

Let us begin with the basics, your resume should include your name, contact details and home address. E-mail address is the part where most people make mistakes.

The e-mail address you are going to use should contain your name and not just a random nickname like “”. These kinds of e-mail addresses may look funny to our friends but our employer would find it unprofessional.

If you do not have an e-mail that contains your name, create one and use it in your resume.

For the style, always try to make it look simple and coherent. Do not use flashy fonts or different colors. If the employer or the interviewer sees something that may not look like a standard resume, chances are they will not continue reading it.

You may also want to discuss your educational background in a chronological format. This displays your academic achievements in sequential order, which is nice to see.

Also, include your past working experiences and arrange them chronologically as well.

Lastly, for professional-looking resume formats, you may refer to preset resumes found online. This can ensure that you are writing your resume the right way.



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