How to Write a Resume

By | March 23, 2009

Writing a resume is a skill that should be learned by job seekers and those already in employment. A resume tells an employer more about you, your skills, work experience, interests, qualifications and educational background.

A well written resume will catch an employer’s attention and get you an invitation for an interview.

When writing a resume, you must decide on the format you would like to use e.g. chronological or skills format. The format you decide on should be able to highlight your positive aspects.

Do some online research on the industry to which you are applying. Take a look at resumes of other successful applicants in the industry and the format they are using. Apply the format you find most helpful.

Write your objective. This statement should be included after you have listed your personal information. This statement will give the employer an idea of your career goals and if they are in line with those of the organization or department to which you are applying.

Ensure that your statement is not generic. It should be tailored to target the position to which you are applying. Forming your statement before writing the rest of your resume will help you know what to include and what to leave out in your resume.

Keep your resume brief. Include only that information that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Use action verbs when describing your skills and experience e.g. I ‘led’ the team building, I have ‘built’ an extensive network.

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