How to Write a Resume

By | March 10, 2009

How to Write a Resume


A well-written resume is a very efficient tool to convince an employer or interviewer to consider you for a job. Thus in writing an effective resume, the most important factor to consider is the resume’s presentation.

The process used for writing the resume has the same importance as the contents of the resume in terms of being accepted on a job. Most employers filter the applicants through the submitted resumes, some without even looking at its contents.

The impression your resume reflects is a very significant matter to consider on how to write a resume.

The resume should be written using a standard format. There are many choices on the style of how a resume should be written. You may choose to write your resume using chronological, functional or hybrid style (chronic-functional format).

These resume formats give a comprehensive presentation of the contents of your resume. The chronological format arranges the details to be presented in a historic manner. Work experiences and educational attainment can be discussed using this format to clearly display your progress.

The functional format is used to give emphasis on outstanding skills or achievements. This format allows an employer to immediately see the special skills you want to present in your resume. You may also combine both styles for optimal presentation.

How to Write a Resume Example

Joseph Compton
1223 South 37 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741
(343)-452 7823

Primary Skills: 
System Analysis &Design, VB.Net, SQL, DSS, E-Com, Project Management, Telecom, Visio, C++, MS Office Suite, Access

Objective: To get position of production systems analyst in a field of IT where got skills and experiences can be used to progress competence and boost growth within organization.

Education Details:

State University, Spartan Falls, TX
BBA – Management Information System, 2006
GPA: 3.5

Longhorn Society College, Castries,

Certified in Library Technology Assistant, 2002

Career History:

Manchester Communal Library, Ti Rocher, St. Barbara
Branch Librarian
 (07/2000 to 08/2003)

  • Produced and handled library catalog and customized databases
  • Revised collection websites
  • Listed received serials
  • Offered punctual, polite service to every library clients
  • Planned library camps, workshops, exhibitions and the educational trips
  • Helped a branch Librarian with the particular projects
  • Planned narrative reading hour for the community pre-schools
  • Organized catalogue information into library’s computer

Central Library, St. Barbara
Library Assistant
 (07/1997 to 12/2000)

  • Responded patron inquiries at the reference desk
  • Helped users with the Web searches and the book catalogs
  • Filed new periodicals, prepared and retained periodicals
  • Schedule print and a non-print media for the vertical files
  • arranged library resources and available them to users
  • Regained information from the computer archives
  • Managed interlibrary loan demands, organized invoices

Computer Skills:

Expert in MS Your browser may not support display of this image.Office Suite, Visio, Access, .Net, Oracle, HTML, Database Management, Project Management, Decision Support System, System Analysis & Design, C++, E-Commerce, Network/Telecommunication, Certified in PC Maintenance and Repair

Awards and Activities: 

State University

  • Provost Credit Roll- 2004
  • Dean Credit Roll- 2005
  • Good Neighbor Scholarship — 2006
  • Dillard’s Business School Educational Scholarship – 2006
  • Who’s Who in an American College — introduced, 2006
  • Member of Association of IT Professionals – 2006

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