How to Write Job Resume Format

By | October 3, 2012

Job resume is a document which states the individual’s skills, relevant experience and background. For attending any interview, the recruiter firstly asks for the resume to screen the candidates based on the skills, experience etc.; and to know about the candidate. So the candidates who have completed their studies and are going to attend the interview should know how to write job resume format, as resume plays a very major role in the job analysis.

Include name and contact details

On the top of the resume include your name and contact details. Do not use any styles because your resume may appear as unprofessional to the reader.


In this type of resume you should include your objectives which should clearly explain your strengths.

Educational details

You should include your educational details briefly. Include the details about all the educational details you have completed, like the name of the educational institutes, place, university and scores.

Achievements and skills

Even though you are not having the experience, you would have achieved a lot during the education. List all those achievements in the resume in the form of professional credits. If there are any relevant skills please include those skills. This may help in attracting the reader.

Extracurricular activities

As you don’t have experience, include extracurricular activities instead of experience.

Personal details

You should include brief personal details in your resume to make the reader understand about yourself.


If you have any references list them at the end of the resume. There should be professional persons under the reference but not the friends and relatives.

Date and sign the resume

At the end of the resume please add date and your signature that all your included statements are true.

Writing a simple good resume

Contact details

You should include your contact details like name, mobile or landline number, email id etc.

Resume purpose

Try to state the purpose of the resume which determines the job type or career in which you are interested.

Educational profile

In this you should include all your educational details which you have completed. While listing the educational details, keep in mind that you should start from the highest degree of yours. In this include the institution name, type of degree, score, and date and month of attaining the degree. Skills may also be included in this section.


List your relevant experiences in the resume. You should include the name of the company, role, duration of the experience and the salary. In the end of the resume include personal details and date and sign the resume.