HR Executive Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

A HR executive resume should be professionally drafted with emphasis placed on the individual’s knowledge of recruitment and other essential HR policies.

The information should flow in a logical sequence that the employer is able to comprehend.

This sample HR executive resume can be used to write resumes for jobs such as HR executive, human resources director, human resources manager, human resources coordinator and other jobs.

Sample HR Executive Resume

Bradley Cooper

345 Summer Road

Dallas, Texas

Cell Number: 3284290502

Telephone Number: 34852958

Career Objective

To be a qualified HR executive whose expansive knowledge in the areas of staff recruitment and development can contribute to organizational development

Professional Experience

2000-2002: Human Resources Manager- Well Bright Corporation


Managed employee benefits and supervisory training programs

Established various departments and negotiated contracts

Provided management training services

Developed safety reporting process

2003-2005: Human Resources Manager- The Broad Company


Improved performance programs

Supervised team building activities

Enhanced team management

Improved supervisory training system

2006-2008: Human Resources Manager- Copyright Corporation


Directed human resources activities

Collaborated with legal advisors on employment laws and regulations

Designed interviewing programs and schedules

Supervised recruitment procedures


Trained in policy administration and contract negotiations

Trained in conflict resolution and arbitration

Trained in employee relations and staff recruitment


1993-1996: Bachelor of Human Resources- University of Philadelphia

1997-1999: Master of Human Psychology- Harvard University


Implemented and developed HR policies that resulted in a reduced rate of staff turnover

Provided benefit services to employees

Effectively managed employee concerns and internal disputes

Successfully matched employee qualifications to job requirements and ensured that job vacancies were filled by qualified individuals




Deep sea diving


Available on request

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