Industrial Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

An industrial engineering resume should be structured in way that ensures a progressive flow of information.

With a large number of people applying for the same position, it is important for the resume to stand out and grab the employer’s attention.

This resume can also be used to apply for lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, developing engineer jobs, test engineer jobs, chemical processing engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Industrial Engineering Resume

Wayne Newton

456 Main Road

Los Angeles, California

Cell Number: 555367289

Telephone Number: 59683687

Career Objective:

To use my industrial engineering skills in a professional working environment that gives me the opportunity to gain more experience while the company’s objectives are realized

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Engineer Assistant- Mill Industries


Ensured efficiency of all tasks and due completion of tasks in all departments

Designed the layout of projects and monitored their progress

Set up a monitoring system for improved efficiency industrial systems

2003-2005: Industrial Engineer- Way Ward Industries


Set up an internal training facility for young engineers

Served as an industrial engineering consultant

2006-2007: Industrial Engineer- Fair View Industries


Provided assistance for various projects

Maintained equipment and conduct regular surveys


Trained in project and effective time management

Trained in monitoring equipment safety and maintenance

Trained in budget control and product efficiency


1993-1996: Bachelor of Engineering- Advanced Engineering Institute of New York

1997-1998: Process Control Certification- University of New York


Honorary Member of the Advanced Engineering Institute of New York

Awarded for Employee of the Month six consecutive times for exemplary performance and exceeding targets

Demonstrated unparalleled ability to carry out various tasks concurrently and cut costs in the process



Fine art

Tap dancing


Available on request

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