Industrial Resume

By | January 10, 2011

An industrial resume format is used by those people who want to apply for any kind of an industrial job. An industrial resume format should focus upon the various skills and knowledge that the applicant has in any kind of industrial work. Industrial work can be of many kinds. Based upon this, an industrial resume format can be of the following types:

  • Industrial designer resume format
  • Industrial manager resume format


An industrial job is one which requires creativity and skills rather than the right educational qualification. Therefore an industrial resume has to be framed carefully for which a format can prove to be very beneficial. The following points can be of help in case you are facing problem while drafting one:

  • The highlight of the resume format should be on how you can contribute to the given job profile. For that you need to mention your area of expertise and particular skills needed for the profile.
  • Experience counts. So don’t hesitate in boasting about any previous experience you has had in a related field of work.

Industrial Designer Resume Format