Internal Auditor Resume Format

By | September 15, 2010

The job of internal auditor is to regularly conduct auditing of organizations financial transactions and accounting practices. Internal auditor is responsible to see that the finance management of the company complies with the established accounting practices as per state and federal laws and regulations. They should also be aware of accounting laws and regulations as set by various financial regulatory bodies. Given here is the Internal Auditor Resume format that can be utilized to apply for the job as a internal auditor, junior internal auditor, associate auditor etc.

Internal Auditor Resume Format

Charles Stevenson

79 Midway Street,
Basilhill, MA 07548

Looking for job as a internal auditor in large organizations.

Summary of Qualifications:

•Extensive accounting knowledge.

•Exposure to established standard accounting practices.

•Working knowledge of widely used accounting software packages.
2000 -2002
University of Hawaii, Masters in Business Administration –Finance and Accounting
South Dakota State University, Bachelors of Commerce
Career Experience/Job History:
Hybrid Product Manufacturers

Internal Auditor

• Primary job responsibility was to conduct audition of company accounts and submit report quarterly.

• Formulate guidelines and procedures for recording financial transactions.

• Recommend best accounting practices.

Hollow IT Services Inc
Internal Auditor

• Periodic audition of company expenses and budgets.

• Preparing various reports for allocation of funds on different projects.

• Formulating accounting practices that can prevent inaccurate financial data.


• Unearthed a major fraud and saved huge losses to the company in Hybrid Product Manufacturers.

References upon request