Internship Resume Format

By | March 24, 2009

Internship Resume


The purpose of an internship resume is to inform possible employers of a student or fresh graduate of his or her qualifications for the new job.

The challenge is that, unlike typical employment resumes where experience is a major selling point, the student or fresh graduate has typically no on-the-job experience.

With that in mind, the best way to market the prospective intern is through his or her skills relevant to the job at hand. This would include projects, achievements, and training attended.

For example, for an engineering internship at a robotics factory, an employer would typically look at a student’s robotics and automation-related activities. 

This would include seminars, extra-curricular activities, and organizations of which the prospective intern is a member of which are relevant to the field.

The employer may possibly also take the opportunity to look at the applicant’s interests and hobbies, so it may be advisable to include relevant hobbies in the resume.

In the robotics factory example above, this may include hobbies such as computer game programming.

For an employer looking for someone with very minimal experience, the prospective intern may mention high school achievements, relevant courses taken and extra-curricular activities. It may also be advisable to include organizational positions.

Some employers may look at your experience in working with teams and in important roles of responsibility as an edge over other candidates.

It is important to note, however, that the internship resume should be continuously updated with more relevant information, like college and work experience.

Old and less relevant information should eventually be edited out of the form. As the prospective intern gets more internship and college experience; the resume should end up more closely resembling an employee resume. The applicant may then use this for future job searches.

Formatting for the internship resume can be done in a number of ways, similar to typical employee resumes. It is advisable for the resume to have consistent highlighting, bolding, and formatting.

A well formatted and outlined resume will make it easier for the prospective employer to find the information he or she needs.

Since generally an intern will have little to no or experience, it is advisable to use a chronological format. In the chronological resume, listing the most recent information and achievements first is preferred.

Alternatively, the prospective intern may use a functional resume format. However, since the applicant may have little relevant experience, a functional resume may not be applicable.

Sample Internship Resume Template


12 London Ave

Bethesda MD 20810


Education ::

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, May 2000
GPA 3.5

University of Maryland, Rockford, MD

Honors & Awards

UM Student of the Year, AY 1999-2000

Objective(optional) ::

To obtain an internship in the robotics industry.

Relevant Experience ::

Team Leader, UM Team for the Maryland Robo-Soccer Cup, Rockford, MD, May 2000

  • Designed and implemented algorithm for robo-soccer machines.
  • Integrated a coaching AI into robot algorithm.
  • Finished first place in competition.

ME 145, Robotics Manufacture, University of Maryland, 1998-1999

  • Objective of the course is to discuss advanced concept of manufacturing using robotics.

Additional Experience ::

Member, UM Robotics Club, University of Maryland, Rockford MD, 1996-Present

  • Long time member of robotics club, holding the positions of Club President in 1998-1999

Co-Curricular Activities ::

Computer gaming, including writing automation programs for popular games like World of Warcraft

Skills ::


  • Knowledgeable in Perl, C++, MySQL, FORTRAN, and ADA.

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