Janitor Resume Format

By | March 9, 2012

This is a sample of Janitor Resume Format for those who are seeking job of Janitor in various organisations, hospitals, schools and companies.The work of a janitor includes all types of cleanliness, unlocking at the beginning and locking at the end of the day of the building and many others small works. Through this resume format a person will be able to represent his skills, ability and experience in front of various organisations.

Janitor Resume Format

Mike Louis

11365 Sunrise park drive

Cape Town,

South Africa

Phone: 707-323-8867



To apply for and secure the post of a janitor in various organisations

Summary of qualification:

  • Strong 12 years of experience in school and hospitals.
  • Good ability to complete work on time.
  • Do good cleaning of floors, bathrooms, carpets (vacuum) and mirrors.
  • Ability to handle tasks very efficiently

Career experiences:

Work for 12 years as a janitor in the following hospital and schools.

2000-2003: work as a janitor in Nineties hospital, Cape Town and do following tasks

  • Clean sinks, toilets, urinals, floor of toilets and restocking toilets.
  • Clean floor of rooms and corridors.

2003-2007: work as janitor in International school of Cape Town (ISC).

  • Clean floor of classrooms after the School is over regularly.
  • Clean toilets and mirrors of schools.
  • Emptying all the dustbins of the school.

2007-2012: work as senior janitor in Hayden High School of Cape Town.

  • Dusting computer labs and offices.
  • Clean AC vents of the school.
  • Give work to small janitors and supervise them.


  • Done High schooling in Hayden High School.
  • Learn cleaning techniques in Robert cleaner’s organisations.

Professional References would be furnished upon request.