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By | September 9, 2009

job resume contains a summary of an individual’s professional history and qualifications, specifically prepared for purposes of searching for a job or when switching careers.

Better still, it can be described as an advertisement that assists an individual to market his professional skills, work experience, and career objectives to a potential employer.

A job resume is a sensitive document that demands adequate preparation and fine tuning if it has to accomplish the tasks for which it has been intended.

Any resume preparation should centre on its ability to quickly make a favorable impression as potential employers may only look briefly at the job resume.

A winning job resume must always ensure that the professional qualifications, job history, experience, and any other special skills are arranged in a clear and readable format.

That is not all though and a person in search of a job needs to look at a number of sample resumes. This will help you understand clearly what is required in a winning resume.’s main goal is to provide you with such information. Under the job resume category there are very many resume samples that will be of great help to any job seeker.

Look through the teaching resume, engineering resume, acting resume, medical resume, banking resume and many others available on the site to help you write a better resume. There is a resume for any job you may think about. Just take your time and see what we have.

We believe that resume format .org will also benefit you like it has done to many others.

Job Resume Format

Software Engineer Resume

Healthcare Resume

Finance Resume

Fresher Resume

Administrative Resume

Teaching Resume

Creative Resume

Recruiter Resume

Hospitality Resume

Construction Resume format

Careers CV

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