Junior Accountant Resume

By | July 1, 2010

A junior accountant resume gives information about the applicant’s accounts career. The resume contains information such as the university or college. It also gives details of the companies one has worked for, the duties and responsibilities the applicant was charged with and the duration spent in those companies. This resume can be used to apply for, executive accountant or banking jobs.

Sample Junior Accountant Resume

Richard Kirk
6343, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 09522,
(404)-5622- 6653


To work for a big accounting firm and to handle an account of a major multinational company.

Work Experience

2007 – Present:  Gridlock Technologies – Accountant


  • Helped the management in coming up with effective financial strategies.
  • Participated in the planning and allocation of funds to various departments.
  • Carried out financial and cash flow management for the company.
  • Ensured that financial policies were adhered to by all departments.

2004-2007: Bridge Level ltd: Assistant Accountant


  • I managed the company’s operation and working capital to ensure that it was well spent.
  • I participated in coming up with a sound budget for the company and also participated in budget management during the financial year.
  • I handled the financial aspects in matters of company acquisitions.
  • I represented the company’s accounts department during a merger with a partner company.
  • I did evaluation for various business ventures of the company.

2000-2004:  Star Shine Bank- : Accountant


  • I solved client’s financial problems they may be experiencing, e.g. replacement of ATM cards.
  • I provided clients with financial advice.

Educational Qualifications

1995-2000: California State University: Bachelor Science in Economics


I participated in formulating accounts policy at bridge level and won the best employee award.


•           Playing Computer games.

•           Listening to music

•           Playing Tennis.


Can be provided upon request.

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