Law Resume Format

By | June 25, 2009

It is in fact very true that the law governs the land. This is why applying for a job on this field can be very difficult. However, making a law resume can be an easy task.

Just like writing other kinds of resume, this kind of resume also requires you to follow a format. This format includes your personal data along with your achievements, education, profile, and many more.

When you write a law resume, put in mind that an honest job starts with an honest resume.

Sample Law Resume Format

Leila Smith

432 Down Drive, Baltimore

Maryland, USA

Home phone: ((410) 422-1522

Fax: (410) 422-0322


To be a great lawyer in one of the best law firms in town


  • Hired in some prominent institutions of the country
  • Skilled in dealing with people of varied backgrounds
  • Amazing persuasive and personal relation skills
  • Educated in a first classes law school
  • Graduated on top of the class with flying colors
  • Had an internship with one of the most well-respected judge in the country
  • Has experience and researched on bankruptcy issues


Federal Judicial Intern, Honorable John Kuvy, Chief Judge 2004 to 2005

United States Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of California

  • Observed bankruptcy proceedings
  • Wrote legal memorandum
  • Researched on bankruptcy issues
  • Wrote preliminary orders

Sales Representative, Wal-Mart department store chain 2000 to 2001

  • Awarded salesperson of year (2000)
  • Sold the highest amount of retail in one year
  • Developed a quick and easy sales strategy for the company


Harvard University College of Law 2005

Graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.63 on a 4.0 scale

Honors and Activities:

  • Honor Roll, Spring and Fall 2002
  • Member – International Law Society
  • Research Assistant

Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Florida 2000


Professor James Holden

Harvard University College of Law

111 Law St., Law state

(345) 555-555 ext. 657

Professor Tim Knows


College of Business Administration

2323 Business Dr., Business State

(345) 999-000 ext 456

Ms. Hannah Smith

Managing Director

Wall Mart chain of Department Stores

(234) 567-999


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