Maintenance Engineer Resume Format

By | November 14, 2013

A maintenance engineer is an engineer whose job is to apply engineering concepts and principals to areas which can help in better reliability, maintainability and productivity of equipments. In order to apply for the position of a maintenance engineer, an individual has to frame an impressive resume which consists of his/her skills, qualifications and other details.

In order to frame an impressive resume, the help of a resume format can be taken. A maintenance engineer resume format is a well detailed outline of the resume. A sample of a maintenance engineer resume format is given below.

Sample Maintenance Engineer Resume Format

Personal Information:

[In this part, give the personal details such as name, mobile number, correspondence address and email ID of the candidate]

Career Objective:

[In this part, give the reason for applying for the job and the career goals which can be met by working at the job position of a maintenance engineer]

Strengths and Skills:

[In this part, give the key skills of the applicant. This part can talk about the strengths of the applicant along with the various technical skills he/she possess. Also talk about the physical or personal skills]

Previous Employments:

[In this part, give the names of the companies for which the applicant has previously worked for. Further, give the years spent at each company and the role and responsibilities fulfilled while working at every job position]

Educational Qualifications:

[in this part, given the academical background of the applicant along with the names of the institutes from which the candidate has acquired education. This part must consist of the details of courses of bachelor’s level, master’s level and their respective years of completion as well]


[here, the applicant must give names and contact numbers of each of the references]