Management Resume Template

By | June 5, 2010

A quality management resume is the key to success for anyone who wants an opportunity to work as a manager in any organization.

The resume should project a positive representation of the job applicant.

This sample management resume template can help people write resumes for jobs such as office manager jobs, executive jobs senior manager jobs e.t.c.

Sample Management Resume Template

Ronnie Brown

234 Hampton Avenue

Brooklyn, New York

Cell Number: 55894288

Telephone Number: 55908329

Career Objective:

To be a senior executive in an internationally recognized company who is self motivated and contingent with a passion for my career

Professional Experience:


2000-2002: Office Manager- Prime Investments


Managed billing procedures and staff performance

Processed a high number of claims on a regular basis

Designed a range of accounting systems for improved accountability

2003-2004: Business Manager- Broad Base Corporation


Drafted contracts and settled client claims

Designed organizational changes without destabilizing the operations of the firm

Communicated regularly with employees, addressed various human resource concerns and received feedback

2005-2007: Senior Business Manager- Consolidated Company


Responsible for budget control and cost estimations


Trained in administrative procedures and management policies

Trained in budgeting and essential administrative functions

Trained in marketing and cost reduction strategies


1993-1996: Bachelor of Business Management- Chicago Business School

1997-1999: Master of Business Administration- Prestige Institute of Business Studies


Recruited a team of competent and result oriented junior staff members

Developed the performance level of staff members by implementing staff motivation strategies

Averted a potential financial crisis by ensuring that costs were reduced without compromising on productivity




Ballroom dancing


Available on request

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