Marine Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

The resume of a marine engineer should be a clear indication of the applicant’s ability to meet the expectations and requirements of the potential employer.

It should display adequate knowledge and expertise in the field of marine engineering. This sample marine engineering resume can be used to design resumes for marine engineer jobs, civil engineer jobs etc.

Sample Marine Engineering Resume

William Smith

56 Time Avenue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mobile Number: 5636209438

Telephone Number: 55594535

Career Objective:

To be a marine engineer whose skills and expertise can go a long way in helping a professional organization realize its core objectives

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Marine Technician- Commercial Boat Designs


Installed marine equipment along with power systems

Regularly inspected marine equipment and safety standards

Carried out repairs on defective marine equipment

2003-2004: Marine Engineer- Worldwide Water Works


Maintained schedules and ensured safety of ship operations

Tested marine equipment and prepared performance reports

Reviewed operational costs and budget estimates

2005-2008: Marine Engineer- Way and Far


Ensured that deadlines were met and schedules adhered to

Procured marine machinery and technical equipment

Formulated marine contract reports


Trained in ship machinery installation and other types of marine equipment

Trained in marine equipment operation and budget control

Trained in marine engine designs and product development


1993-1996: Bachelor of Marine Engineering Technology- University of Chicago

1997-1999: Master of Community Development


Ensured that operational costs were kept low while productivity levels remained high

Conducted large scale performance studies for the purpose of developing durability of marine equipment

Developed designs for a range of marine equipment for improved performance and safety


Playing golf

Jet skiing



Available on request

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