Mason Resume Format

By | September 17, 2010

The job of mason includes planning and executing masonry projects. They are also responsible for purchasing material for the masonry projects and maintaining the record of the purchases. They also install blocks, bricks, and build sidewalks, pavements, steps, drains and manholes. They are also responsible for making repairs.

Mason Resume Format

Patrick Lee

61 N Col Ave

Spring Valley, NY, 10977
Phone: (605) 4081587

I am seeking the job of mason in a reputed organization, which will allow me to increase my experience in the field and put my knowledge to practice.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Extensive experience of planning and executing masonry projects.

• Knowledge about the safety practices and equipments used for masonry tasks.

• Experience of preparing accurate reports regarding the work completed.

• Sound knowledge of mixing cement, plaster, etc in accurate proportions.

• Ability to understand and interpret blueprints of concrete structures
Career Experience/Job History:

World Wide Publications Inc

Graphic Designer

• Responsible for the selection and purchase of proper material for masonry work.

• Prepare mixtures of concrete and plaster as required for the projects.

• Construction and repair of catch basins.

• Installation of concrete blocks, bricks, and building of sidewalks.

• Estimating labor and other costs involved.

We Sell Marketing Consultancies

Graphics Designer

• Construction of pavements, steps, drains and gutters

• Making designs and construction of manholes.


• was successful in coming up with cost effective plans.
• Received wide appreciations form the employers and the clients for the quality of work.


2000 -2002
University of Wisconsin, Masters in Advertising
University of South Carolina, Bachelors in Advertising

References upon Request