MBA Job Resume Format

By | January 30, 2009

MBA Resume


An MBA resume presents a person’s development in the field of Business Administration. This mainly depicts a person’s early years of his/her career in the field, either in the corporate world or in the academe.

If you are looking for work, state your career objectives first before discussing your current profile. This section presents your highest accomplishments and current job. It gives the reader an idea about your progress in the field.

Education history is presented in the next section. List your educational attainments chronologically, with your course title, the school name, and the time frame. Briefly discuss what you did in school and the achievements you accomplished.

Since you have taken masters degree, add your thesis title to the details of your achievements and works. The work history is presented next. This is also arranged chronologically with the job title, company name, and time period.

This arrangement is important in order to show your development and your capability range.

Finally, list your other skills that are not related to the field in order to show your flexibility. Personal information and reference persons, if needed, should be listed last.

MBA Resume Format and Example


270 Park Avenue

New York, USA

(012) 345 6789


  • Human Resources coordinator in a reputable company
  • Attained masters degree for business administration
  • Graduated with honors
  • Dedicated and skillful worker


      Masters in Business Administration

      New York University

      New York, USA

  • Thesis title: Career development patterns among corporate workers
  • Graduated with honors
  • Active member of MBA organization

      Bachelor of Science in Psychology

      New York University

      New York, USA

  • Major in Human Psychology, Minors in
  • Graduated with honors
  • President of Psychological Society
  • Active Member of Commerce Club


      Human Resources Coordinator              2008-present

      J.P. Morgan Chase

      New York, USA

  • Makes strategic plans on employee management, hiring programs, and compensation
  • Performs strategies in terms of employee development and training
  • Develops training programs for the employees of the different departments
  • Constructs different workshops activities that enhance the knowledge of the employees about the company

      Human Resources Officer         2005-2008

      J.P. Morgan Chase

      New York, USA

  • Oversees procedures in handling different concerns of the employees
  • Prepares compensation plans and benefits
  • Handles training procedures within the department
  • Communicates with the officers of the different departments regarding employee training
  • Handles employee disputes and other matters in an employee level

Human Resources Associate

      J.P. Morgan Chase

      New York, USA

  • Prepares employee documents
  • Performs computer works
  • Performs employee hiring programs and procedure


  • Proficient in Microsoft Applications and MS Office
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Good in Swimming and Running


Date of Birth:  8 October 1986

Civil Status:  Single

Nationality:   American

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