Medical Assistant Resume Format

By | August 12, 2009

Candidates for the medical assistant position would be greatly helped during the application by submitting an effective Medical Assistant resume.

When making a sound resume for this job position, make sure that the hiring manager can see the outstanding skills and traits that would make you efficient for the position.

Sample Medical Assistant Resume

Kurt Styler

67 East Village Street

Floyd, Virginia 15263

(356) 234-9224


  • Widely experienced and skilled in the medical field with sound knowledge in medical duties and technical support
  • Exceptional communication skills with very good knowledge in customer service support


  • Experience of more than 10 years in the Medical Assistant position
  • Knowledgeable in clerical and computer skills such as Microsoft Office applications
  • Outstanding¬†Your browser may not support display of this image. communication skills and demonstration skills both verbally and written
  • Exceptional expertise in carrying out instructions written, verbally and diagrammatically


Medical Assistant
Baxter Hospital
, Floyd VA


  • Responsible for conducting measurements such as temperature, height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure
  • Give treatment and medications to patient and perform needed laboratory tests
  • Keep medical records like x-ray reports as well as appointment schedules

Medical Assistant
St. John Hospital, Akron OH


  • Responsible for maintaining treatment rooms and facilities, office and patient records, instruments etc.
  • Receive medical bills and record transactions to the computer


Cole High School
High School Graduate

New Hampshire Institute of Medical Studies, Akron, Ohio
Certified Diploma in Medication and Aid

Certified Diploma in Nursing


Dr. George Foster
Head of Medical Department
Baxter Hospital, Floyd, Virginia

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