Military Resume Writing

By | March 23, 2009

While you are writing a military resume you should write your personal profile in a way that brings out excellent interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills.

It should also reflect an ability to implement and develop new skills. Your military job objective should define a recommendable personality and a strong spirit. To show that you are a qualified professional organize your resume and list your experience.

The more years you have worked in the law enforcement sector, the more effective your military resume should be. Problem solving and detective skills are very marketable in the military sector.

In your professional section reflect your ability to implement security techniques and in the achievement section state your accomplishments such as completed security training program or course.

Do not forget to list any military presentation you made as it advertises your presentation skills. Action planning is important in the military. It is crucial not to be tempted to leave it out as one of the duties you carried out previously.

You might be tempted to do so especially when your resume turns out to be longer than you had anticipated.

While writing a military resume, it is important to indicate that you have a valid driving license and that you possess a certificate of good conduct.

A clean record gives you an upper hand. Indicate that you are drug-free, physically fit and flexible enough to work in any shift.

A final but crucial tip is to use keywords that go together with your career objective. Some skills are important even if they are not military-oriented.  Such skills are technical skills like computer skills.

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