Military Service Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

This sample resume can be used as guide to persons seeking employment in the military service. A good military service resume outlines the professional experience and applicant’s educational background.

It should also include a strong and concise career or professional objective of the applicant. Applicants’ achievements in the previous jobs are also included in this type of resume

Sample military service resume

Mike Brown,

1234, West 67 Street,

Carlisle, MA 056566,

(123)-456 4545.

Career objective

A highly organized and disciplined military officer with vast experience in law enforcement and security seeking employment as division officer for cadets

Professional experience:

2006-Present Cadet Commander-New York squadron


Establish plans and procedures to accomplish the policies established by the unit commander.

Coordinate cadet staff activities

Solving disputes between cadet staff officers

Coordinate with senior staff

Liaising between the senior and cadet staff

Ensure compliance with CAP directives

Make personnel assignment recommendations.

Monitor cadet staff compliance with Cadet Protection policies.

2005-2006 leading petty officer


Followed orders issued by my superiors

Enforced daily plans for cadets

Supervising the cadets

Motivate cadets to perform duties

Train cadets in classes

2003-2005 cadet officer New York Squadron


Performed duties as assigned by my supervisors

Conducting patrols with other police officers

Arresting law violators


2002 – 2003 Massachusetts police academy Law enforcement program

1997-2001 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Cornell University, New York


Reading and writing




Available upon request

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