Mining Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

A well drafted mining engineering resume can help a job seeker succeed in his or her search for an employment opportunity.

The lucrative mining industry is both exciting and challenging. It is essential to include important information about one’s experience and highlight any achievements that one has attained.

This sample mining engineering resume can also be used to design resumes for lead engineer jobs, support engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Mining Engineering Resume

Carl Kim

345 Court Bridge

Birmingham, Alabama

Cell Number: 585635009

Telephone Number: 5468389569

Career Objective:

To serve in a leadership capacity at a reputable engineering facility and advance as a mining engineering professional who is able to meet company objectives

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Mining Engineer- International Mining Company


Coordinated all blasting operations carried out at mining sites according to stipulated regulations

Monitored site pumping operations

Developed a number of mine structures

2003-2005: Mining Engineer- Sparks Mining Company


Adhered to safety standards and employee safety regulations

Maintained quality control standards

Maintained organizational structures

2006-2008: Mining Engineer- National Mining Company


Regulated the management of waste products of the mine

Ensured that waste was disposed safely and on a regular basis

Coordinated the supply of trucking equipment and mining equipment


Trained in construction supervision and designing underground mines

Trained in drilling, loading and mine blasting

Trained in various pumping operations and organizational structures


1993-1996: Bachelor of Mining Engineering- University of Ohio

1997-1999: Blasting License Certification- International Mining Institute


Member of the Mining Engineers Association

Monitored pumping operations and maintained organizational structures

Monitored the daily rate of fuel consumption



Boat riding

Cruising around the world


Available on request

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