Navy Resume

By | January 20, 2011

A navy resume can be used by individuals who are enlisted in the navy and want a career within the navy.  There are many diverse and interesting jobs available for those who have enlisted in the navy.  All enlisted personnel receive specialized navy training.  However, other skills are needed for the different job opportunities available.  The different jobs available include working in the intelligence field, administration department, medical field, communications field, aviation field, construction department, logistics department, submarine department and many others.  All these different fields and departments require different skills, qualifications, knowledge and work experience.

A navy resume should be specific to the particular field or department being applied for.  The skills, work experience, knowledge and qualifications should be in relation to the field or department the job belongs to.  It is important to provide information that proves your capabilities and competence.  It is also important to include the number of years you have been enlisted into the navy.  Details of the number of years in active duty should also be included.  Professional experience is another key detail to include.

A navy resume like any other resume needs to stand out in the eyes of the employer.  It should convince the employer that you are the best person for the job.

Sample Navy Resume Format

Navy Resume format

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