Night Auditor Resume

By | July 1, 2010

The night auditor resume should show that an auditor is able to look at all the financial information of a company and must analyze this information and provide valuable information for the company. The resume can be used to also apply for the chief finance officer job, senior accountant jobs etc.

Sample Night Auditor Resume

Kevin Prince Thompson
2233, East 67 Street,
Cornice, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7330.

Career Objective:

To be the best night auditor in this niche profession of night auditing.

Professional Experience:

2009- Presently: New Orleans Auditing Group – Senior Auditor


  • Responsible for audits in a project management capacity performed during the night.
  • Helped in the management and control of business risk
  • Trained staff how to audit during nightly hours
  • Responsible for analyzing business processes, information and new systems.

2008- 2009:  Michigan Auditing Group – Assistant to the Night Auditor


  • Performed task for the preparation and development of staff and lead operational audits
  • Wrote and prepared audit reports at night and had them finished by morning.
  • Participated in a survey to show how auditors worked better during the night.

2007- 2008:  Brighter Auditing Group – Night Auditor Trainee


  • Learnt how to analyze financial data at night
  • Learnt how to finish audits in a specified duration set by senior auditors.
  • Analyzed published financial records of partner companies.

Educational Qualifications

2004- 2007: Bachelor of Finance, New Orleans State University.


In Dean’s list record 8 semesters


Playing volleyball


Can be provided upon request

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