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By | March 23, 2009

Online resumes are written in a different format from that you would use for a resume that you want to print. The most popular formats for writing online resumes today are ASCII Text, PDF and HTML.

ASCII text can be briefly described as the text that is used when writing email messages. HTML can be descried briefly as the language that web designers use when making web pages and PDF is the format that Adobe documents are presented in.

PDF documents can only be edited by special type of software and not by common word processors.  

It is becoming increasingly popular to post resumes online. Today most job applications are made online.

Most people are finding that they need to convert their resumes to ASCII text format so as to send their resumes via email or to online recruiting agencies.  

When displaying content on a website, the browser will display it as HTML markup language. HTML is not a standardized markup language; therefore web pages appear different for different users depending on the settings of their web browsers.

Your resume will therefore appear different on someone else’s browser. You are therefore advised to view your resume on different browsers to ensure that the changes are not too drastic.  

Many people today are turning to PDF format for inline resumes. This is a great alternative to HTML as the resume layout and format will not change when viewed on different browsers because the document is embedded in the page.

Adobe Acrobat will be required to view the document. This program is available online for free. Converting your documents to PDF requires the use of plug-ins and other software from Adobe Acrobat.  

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