Optical Engineer Resume format

By | April 14, 2011

The major responsibility of optical engineer is to develop, plan and work with the laser and light emitting materials or tools in order to complete several tasks. There are responsible for performing various kinds of researches. They are responsible for designing and developing of gas lasers, and several other light emitting devices. They are also responsible for laser surgery work. They help the designers and other members of the company to ensure that the design made by them is following the specifications.

Optical Engineer Resume format

Jordan Garza

47, East, 45896

(1458) 14590



I want to be a part of organization from where I can make my skills sharper in order to make my future bright.

Summary Qualification:

  • Knowledge of working with different software’s which helps in making the things simple and accurate.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Capability to work with full support and coordination with the staff members of the company.
  • Ability to solve complex problems in minimum time.



University of Groton – Master’s in Optical Engineering


University of Arkadelphia – Bachelor’s in Optical Engineering

Career Experience/Job History:


Sundown Eye Clinic, Danbury

Optical Engineer

  • Managed worked effectively with the help of different software’s in order to work for optical design.
  • Developed several components for example lenses, microscopes and so on.
  • Directed staff members and other developing departments.


Image Tonics, Ash Flat

Optical Engineer

  • Developed IR optical equipments with the help of necessary materials.
  • Generated quotations for the employees and for the material requirement.


  • Rewarded by the best student of the year award in University of Groton I year 2001.

References upon request