Payroll Resume Format

By | September 15, 2010

Every organization has a dedicated staff for payroll management. The responsibility of the payroll department is to timely processing of salaries for the employees. They also manage the taxation concerns of the employees. Apart from salaries, the payroll department keeps track of all the compensations paid to the staff like bonus, salary advance etc. They are responsible for deduction of amount from the employee salary based on any advances made or loans extended to the employee. Given here is the payroll resume format that is helpful for people seeking placement as Payroll accountants, payroll clerks etc.

Payroll Resume Format

Ken Franks

2938 Mountain Side Street,
Hillslope, MA 07290

Seeking the job as a payroll in charge in a large organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Extensive payroll accounting knowledge

• Experienced in tax planning and filing.

• Knowledge about various payroll management applications.

• Knowledge of federal rules and regulations with respect to payroll processing.
2000 -2002
University of Arizona, Masters of Commerce
University of Washington, Bachelors of Commerce
Career Experience/Job History:
ITG Software Solutions

Payroll Accountant

• Primary responsibility involved processing monthly salaries for the company staff.

• Managing the tax filing and tax related tasks of the company staff.

Lead Home Product Manufacturers

Payroll Accountant

• Manage payroll account of the company.

•Tax management of the company and staff.


•Implemented appropriate payroll accounting practices in Lead Home Product Manufacturers for streamlining salary disposal.

• Provided guidance for developing a customized payroll management software.

References upon request