Pipe Organ Technician Resume Format

By | January 19, 2011

Those giant pipe organs in cathedrals have been manufactured and installed by seasoned pipe organ builders who have had a tradition building these instruments.  They employ a team of Pipe Organ Technicians who specialize in either flue or reed pipe technology for installing the right size pipe organs of the allocated space. There are just a few pipe organs and there’s hardly any modern home that has one, except large palaces with avid organ musicians.

Pipe Organ Technician Resume Format

Jim B. Eggleston

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Phone:  (319) 709-3987



To work and share knowledge as a lead Pipe Organ technician for a large pipe organ builder and installer

Summary of Qualification

  • 6 years of experience as a Pipe Organ technician for a pipe organ builder.
  • Above average command if the spoken and written English language.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Pipe Organ Technician, Dolson Pipe Organ Builders, Iowa

  • Locate and isolate problematic pipe sections
  • Perform schedules maintenance work on major client’s pipe organ installation
  • Repair or replace worn organ parts and pipes in compliance with warranties
  • Assemble organ pipes on site on site in cathedrals and auditoriums in compliance with manufacturer’s installation procedures.
  • Mentor new technicians in the force


Cited by the State Governor for excellent work in restoring an 18th century pipe organ in the capital cathedral


2005 – Present:  Apprenticeship with various in-house and 3rd party seminars and workshops of the pip organ operations, manufacture, tuning and repair

2004:  registered with the Piano Technicians Guild

2001 – 2003: BA Musicology, Pittsburgh Institute of Technology

Professional and Character References

Can be furnished upon request