Planning Engineer Resume Format

By | October 31, 2013

A planning engineer is an engineer who works on construction projects and tries to devise the best ways of construction activities. He/she figures out the most optimal way to get a task done to ensure maximum productivity. A planning engineer resume format is a well detailed outline of a resume of a planning engineer. Such a format explains how to frame a resume in an impressive manner. A sample of planning engineer resume format has been provided below.

Sample Planning Engineer Resume Format

Personal Information:


Mobile phone number:

Full correspondence address:

Email address:

Current work status:

[This is the part of the resume which consists of personal details of the applicant like his/her name, contact details, employment status , marital status etc]

Career Goal:

[This is the part of the resume which must consist of the career aim or objective of the applicant. The objective must be crisp, precise and very effective]

Previous Experiences:

[This is the part where the details of the applicant’s work experience must be given. It must consist of the names of previous employers with the title of work and time period of their working]

Duties and Responsibilities Undertaken:

[This is the part where the applicant must write the various duties that he/she has fulfilled in the past]


[This is the part where the various skills and strengths of the applicant must be listed down. The skills related to the job post must be mentioned by the candidate.]


[this is the part of the resume where the applicant’s educational details such as names of courses, names of colleges and years of completion of each course must be written down]


[this is the part where the references must be given by the applicant, along with their names, contact details and position of work]