Police Resume Template

By | June 5, 2010

A resume should clearly define and present the skills and level of experience that the applicant has.

The law enforcement industry requires competent and committed individuals who are ready to serve their communities.

This sample police resume template can be used to create resumes for police captains, detectives, police sergeants, officers, police recruits and lieutenants.

Sample Police Resume Template

Jack Kelly

345 Way Road

New York, NY


Mobile Number: 55893797

Telephone Number: 5598980

Career Objective:

To be a dedicated a police officer who will diligently serve the force and community by actively contributing to a safe environment for the people

Professional Experience:

2000-2004: Police Officer- Los Angeles Police Department


Carried out frequent patrols in crime dense locations

Ensured public safety

Investigated various criminal activities

Arrested crime suspects

Prepared police reports

Conducted interviews with victims of crime

2003-2006: Police Officer- New York Police Department


Carried out patrols around the city

Solved crimes with the help of other officers

Served as a trial witness


Trained in criminal justice and criminal psychology

Trained in conflict resolution and communication skills

Trained in peer management and dispute management


1993-1996: Bachelor of Criminology- New York University

1997-1999: Advanced Certification of Criminal Studies- New York College


Received a community award citing appreciation for my commitment to serving the community

Delivered regular presentations to local residents regarding security awareness

Set up an administrative system that contributed to a decreased rate of crime in the area

Arrested a number of suspects involved in serious cases of criminal activities and served as a witness






Available on request

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