Pricing Analyst Resume Format

By | March 9, 2012

Here a sample Pricing Analyst Resume Format has been given. The format given here is of a pricing analyst and it is a standard resume. The format displayed is tailored for those who want to apply for the job of a pricing analyst and using this format a good resume can be easily created. It shows all the qualities of the applicant which in turn increases the chance of succeeding. A pricing analyst is involved in various functions involving analysis of profit, reviewing of sales opportunity, strategy formation, designing of telecom service and negotiation of contract. This career option is for the people who areresponsible and take their work seriously.

Pricing Analyst resume Format

Kirby Anderson

POB 32243

West Carlisle, Canada

Phone (233)-768 6566


To look for an opportunity to work as a pricing analyst in a stable company and to add value to it by using my skills

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Ability to work well in sales and principles of marketing including various important and needy techniques.
  • Expert in writing and communication skills.
  • Good working ability in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point and Internet.
  • Able to take responsibilities and other duties well.

Career Experiences:

2009-2012: Pricing analyst in QWE pharmaceuticals involving following work:

  • Implementation of various strategies to increase sales and fuel volume by 5% to 10% each year.
  • Study of pharmaceutical products which are sterile injectable which helps in increasing product stability.
  • Developed accurate cost to provide expected gross margin which is done by engagement.

2005-2009:Purchasing analyst in virtual biotech which includes the following work:

  • Preparation of plans for coordination and execution including getting product for the company.
  • Retaining of quotations which are reasonable for purchase orders and thus negotiating with vendors and suppliers.


2003-2005: Masters of Commerce, University School of Commerce, Sydney, Australia.

2000-2003: Bachelor of Commerce, Business School of Sydney.

Professional References would be furnished upon request.