Private Accounting Resume

By | March 30, 2010

Private accountants are required by almost all the public listed companies and especially by manufacturing organization. They are also known as management accountants.

Their duties are to prepare budgets and document the work they do. They do not have to follow any set patterns like public accountants.

Private Accounting resumes are helpful while applying for jobs in listed companies and other organizations.

Sample Private Accounting Resume Format

William Wood

44, West View



Mobile No: +1 600 54 97 33 7

Telephone Number: + 1 442 987 0956

Career Objective: Wan to join an organization which is well reputed and has future goals. Want to work in a dynamic business environment where I can bring my accounting experience to use.

Professional Experience:

2006- 2009; ABC Company, Glendale, Arizona

Worked in the company as a management accountant and prepared budgets on monthly and quarterly basis. Introduced ways to save labor costs and improved the existing management systems of the company. Decreased the number of production rung and increase the efficiency per production run.


  • 2002 -2004: Bachelor of Applied Accounting, University of Arizona, United States
  • 2004 – 2006: Master of Applied Accounting, University of Florida, United States


Introduced new techniques of management, managed employees and reduced idle time to nil. Increased the production capacity and introduced new formulas to improve contribution/sales ratio.


  • Street racing
  • Dancing


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